“That Peaceful Empty Space” by Laura Garrard


“That Peaceful Empty Space” This abstract is the second in a series called, “Where God Meets Us,” and was fostered by my poem “Nothing but the Soul I Wear.” It illuminates the vulnerable, freeing and secure space in which we meet God, let go of our worldly selves, and leave all human challenge behind. The brilliant blue of human hope and the deep purple complexity of internal mindful struggle delicately juxtapose the pale iridescence of divine connection and release. This series was inspired by a moment I experienced while vacationing in South Thailand. You may read the poem on my website: www.lauragarrard.com/blog. Here is an excerpt: “The self I found in that empty space/Where there was just me and God/And me experiencing me/A me I needed to rediscover/Because I was empty /I no longer knew myself…”

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