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Artist and Jackson, Wyoming, resident Laura E. Garrard is also a writer and bodyworker, owning Attuned Healing Massage & Bodywork. She has shown her work in Jackson as well as in galleries in her previous home town of Nashville, Tennessee, where she served as assistant editor and then graphic design production manager of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Garrard holds a master’s in journalism and a bachelor’s in advertising, and is a self-taught fine artist, creating since her youth. 

She moved to Jackson in 2005 to live in a dramatically beautiful natural area, begin a career in bodywork and create her own art rather than graphic designs. Little did she know that bodywork would bring such rewarding work; she holds certifications in massage, lymphatics and Reiki. She also provides CranioSacral Therapy, Thai massage and aromatherapy and leads a Reiki healing circle every month. Working with energy has assisted Garrard in accessing a deeper level of her creative emotional self just as working with people has brought her profound and sacred learning lessons.

Her latest abstract and illustrative acrylic paintings, graphite drawings and mixed media works are inspired by and expand the concepts of her creative writing about such topics as unconditional love, letting go of fear, the celebration of spring, the adoration of dogs, and the ethical example set by elephants. As you see, the written pieces are also exhibited in print or collage. In one collage, select words from the related essay form a new poem.

“In my art I am exploring emotional expressions that seamlessly intertwine spirituality, nature, animals and humankind,” Garrard said. “I enjoy playacting my written works, getting into the emotional space they conjure, and creating art that expands the theme and feelings relayed in the writing. It’s a wonderful layering of creativity that keeps playing forward.”

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