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Janna Cronk
USAF Flight engineer,

I have not participated in anything military related since I was medically retired, but a friend of mine that did this last year told me about HOV and I was really
I cannot say enough about how great a program this is. From Sandy Sandberg setting everything up, to Ray Dodd driving, cooking and helping with our gear, to the photography instructors Cathy and Chud taking us from not knowing what they were saying to comprehension, to the known and unknown people who gave so graciously so we could have this brilliant opportunity.

This is about more than photography. It’s about
trying to help us find that spark that has dwindled.
It’s about immersing ourselves in something so
completely that we loose the constant struggle to
get through the day. It’s about giving us the chance
to hear another veterans story in beautiful,
comfortable surroundings and not feeling self
conscious or worried that we say the wrong thing.
It’s about telling our story in our own way, through
laughter and found friendships.
I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.
I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my