“Gentle Giant Beasts” by Laura Garrard


“Gentle Giant Beasts” by Laura Garrard 13×15” multimedia collage with original poem. This collage captures the cooperative essence of elephants in community and features my poem of the same title. A detail of the elephant eye holds memory, emotion and wisdom. Here is an excerpt of my poem: “Enormous gentle beasts/Speaking and recognizing more than humans know/Cooperating and following one another until death/A female at the stern, milk from her belly/Living almost as long as we, yet in harmony….” With the purchase of any of my elephant pieces, I make a donation to the Amboseli Trust for Elephants.

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Giclee Prints 11×14, Giclee Prints 12×15, Giclee Prints 16×20


Archival Canvas, Archival Matte Paper