“Our Missed Furry Girls” by Laura Garrard


“Our Missed Furry Girls” This multimedia collage showcases my full poem of the same title, an emotional expression of the unconditional love we give to and receive from pets, and more specifically dogs. I wrote this poem after our two female dogs passed in 2013-14. Here is an excerpt: “We miss them, our girls of kind heart and independent mind/Adoration never ending, it’s expressed in their eyes/And in everything they exude/ Mashing their faces into your legs, your lap, your soul/They’ll take whatever you give, don’t give, and back for more…” You may read the entire poem on my website: www.lauragarrard.com/blog

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Giclee Prints 11×14, Giclee Prints 12×15, Giclee Prints 16×20


Archival Canvas, Archival Matte Paper